Awful purchasing experience at amazon



hello there!
i’d like to share with you all my experience with buying dvd cases online, and what dreadful experience it was.

i ordered some amaray clear plastic dvd cases from amazon, when it arrived 8 out of 12 of them have lids that were…kind of looked like they were ripped half way up from the “sides” of the case, basically the case and the lid are disjointed about 1/3 of the way up but not TOO badly, but around 3 of the cases also have a single visible crack at the side of the case. since amazon had to do international shipping for me i was wondering if the cases were actually damaged during transit, and i was wondering if any of you folks here have purchased dvd cases either in retail store or from online and have ran into the same predicament as i have here, and if it’s actually common for clear plastic cases.

thanks for the help.


No can’t say I have had that problem, I order online for TY and cases at

no issues so far… :slight_smile:


Amazon has always let me return any damaged merchandise.I suggest that is what you do.They were probably damaged during shipping.


I had problem shopping on the Amazon once, the water was muddy and the natives were hostile.