Awful menu

Trying to backup “The Lion King”, main movies only (cinema version and extended are both present), preserving menu.
The quality of the movie is very fine, but the menu is unwatchable. It’s not just blocky more similiar to a mosaic ! Never seen that before.
The VTS_20_0.VOB file was reduced from 809.964 kB downto 235.790 !!! Maybe you can imagine what that means.
In addition the total size ends at 4.15 GB.

What’s going on here ?

The problem is caused by the significant amount of empty video material contained in the DVD.
With the current version of CloneDVD not selecting the menus and not selecting the empty title (the one with the longest play time) should yield an undamaged main movie.
This issue will be fixed soon.

In fact, quality of main movie is o.k.
I just wondered why the menu was so much over-compressed,
I was also wondering about the file video_ts.vob which has a size of about 400 MB although containing obviously no “visible” parts.
So I have to wait for the next (?) release that will fix it.

Thanks for that information.


until the problem is fixed with the next release using the fix below should
solve the problem.


thanks for the fix, it worked !!! The menu is now “quite watchable”, no macroblocks any more. Great work !

Just one remark :
After selecting the language in the main menu the same screen appears once again for a second in a smaller size before the movie starts. When you replace the VIDEO_TS.VOB file by the original one this doesn’t occur.
Not to misunderstand me : this is a not problem, it’s just an observation that I wanted to tell you - maybe it’s an indication that something is still not 100 % as it should be.

Once again thanks a lot for your excellent support :smiley:


What version of CloneDVD is this for? I am using version



It updates your version of CloneDVD to