Awesome Darths

Which people would make excellent Lords and/or Ladies of the Dark Side™?

The Dark Side is not a democracy and Lords are not appointed by voting.

Your poll is just another example of what happens when the weak-minded start discussing what is better left to the masters of the dark side.

Poll away all you want - it will have no effect on the dark side.

  • Darth Draco

backstabs Darth Draco in a particulary insidiously sithic way
Aha! I am your master now!

I’m retiring before some underling busts my chops with his lightsaber while my back is turned!

(No fingers pointed Darth-Airy)

I demand a better Sith-pension plan!
Oh why, oh why didn’t I demand this before now?

So as long as you never utter the words … “Who’s your daddy!”

Oh, I thought that was a mosquito.

Your powers are insignificant compared to those available to a Dragon Master.
Why don’t you go backstab some other Sith like [I]Darth Sidious[/I] and see if he is amused.

  • Darth Draco

Haha, Debro and Belvy are in the lead. I might have known :bigsmile:

@“Darth Draco” - I would have voted for you, had you been in the poll :wink:

We must settle this with a duel of the darts!

As I said above, the dark side does not recruit its members by popular vote, but your thinking nevertheless shows some promise.

If you trade your kippers for a more potent weapon, you could perhaps learn more about the dark side from [I]DD[/I], the Dark Mistress of this forum, whose name shall not be uttered here in this thread unless she wishes it.

There may be other masters, mistresses and followers of the dark side here on the forum, but they know who they are and they shall remain nameless until they choose to reveal themselves.

  • Darth Draco

Are you saying my kippers aren’t potent (especially the frozen ones)?

Maybe someone needs a reminder…:wink:

If that will make you happy:

I see your dart and raise you with a combination of kippers and darts.

I thought we settled that during the Bristol Kipper Foundry incident?!

Being content with the potency of your current weapons shows that you do not yet understand the dark side. When people fear your name more than they fear your weapons, and they fear your look more than they fear your name, then you will have achieved the darkness necessary to rule such minions as [I]Darth Airy[/I].


Did one of your own apprentices stab you in the back with a lightsabre? Did it hurt? Did you learn something?

now how in the heck can i be a darth…geeze thats sooo not a girls name…and debro and Bevieeee i know you voted for me…i’m gonna get you both…just watch it!

Darth is NOT a name, it’s a title … like Master of Forbidden Magics … Reader of unwritten runes … and Master of the Classroom Stationary Cupboard.

And no-ones ever accused the Sith of being sexist. We’re an equal opportunity, non-employer.

Besides, we all know that women are the most destructive forces in the universe … and that’s what we’re all about :wink:

I tried to find female siths but all I could find was a picture of Paul Stanley crossdressing and wearing a lightsaber.

Then I looked for sith twileks, and found this (ranked #2 on goooooogle), the brainy bits.

Darth Sexy is an excellent name.

I Agree! :iagree: