Award Bios 10/28/2002 MSI-W6533 mobo -> Plextor PX755a takes YEARS being detected

Hi again,

thanks a lot for the quick and informative replies on my recent thread.
Now I have another problem - my Mainboard was made in 2002 an I got the latest 1.4 BIOS update from end of 2002.

My PX-708A is being detected very (normal) fast in the IDE-Detection phase but my brand new PX-755a takes something about 30 seconds.

Is my BIOS just too old and the drive too new?

My girlfriend’s PC detects the new drive just as fast as it should take - in an eye blink. Her PC was made in 2005.

Any explanations?

Thanks a lot

How is the setup - 755 in Master and 708 in Slave? Or… ?

The Setup is my two Hard Drives as Primary Master and Slave
My 755a as Secondary Master and the 708a as Secondary Slave.

The Drive makes some kind of “calibration noise” and takes about 30 seconds being detected by my (kinda old) BIOS.

If I connect only the 708A as Secondary Master my BIOS rushes throuh detection in 0 time.

Is my IDE Chipset kinda f*ed up?

When I disable secondary detection, windows XP uses only PIO mode - which is no alternative at all

try these

  1. make sure the ide cables are connected firmly

  2. make sure your ide cable is good

  3. try to reset the cmos

similar thing happened to me on soyo (they are bunch of mother…) my solution was to reset the cmos

good luck