AW-G170A + recommend discs

Hello all… :bigsmile:

I have Sony DVD RW AW-G170A… I have used nearly 100 Datawrite DVD-R grey/classic and they have been great for data backup.

I need to buy new discs could anyone recommend discs for my drive or have a site that shows best recommended discs for my model.

Keep in mind all I want to do is Burn movies/backup DVDs for my dvd player and also I do alot of data backup when my pc is losing space, just recommended for them two things.

Thanks for reading… :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m looking to buy a pack of 100…

Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or, if you can find them still, 8x HP DVD+Rs (CMC MAG E01). My older NEC at least likes CMC very much. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

I have never heard of Taiyo Yuden… I shall look them up. Are they all around the same price rage do you know?

I know a store that sells Taiyo Yuden but its to far away to go to without a car. I have to resort to ebay for now I seen 100 TAIYO YUDEN 8x DVD-R. DUPLICATION GRADE but I’m not sure what “DUPLICATION GRADE” means!

I know they are slightly over priced but like I said nothing I can do about that for now. So can anyone tell me what it means, thanks.

If you’re in the US, what about Rima?

Nevermind I just bought these from the shop I was talking about in my area but bit to far away. I was in the store last week and seen that they were Taiyo Yuden x8 DVD-R and just looked up the shop online and found them:

Hope they are ok anyway thanks for the reply.

£’s - you must be British :D…that’s a good price for 100. :slight_smile:

For future reference, SVP are brilliant :wink: