AW-G170A doesn't burn DVD

ok guys as per wht u all have recommended to use another molex connector with the sata power latching cable now my PC is continuesly working frm last 8 hrs without any problem
thnx to all the member who have helped me for Fault Localization :)…

but still my dvd rw is still not working n giving the power calibration error as i have told u before.

i am using a “SONY DVD RW AW G170A” which at present is only been able to burn and/or write 700mb normal CD.

And if some times by mistakes it detect the dvd , it shows that i have inserted a blank media.

i have implemented every maintainence task like cleaning of DVD RW lens with alcohol or distilled water .

i have also disabled IMAPI cd burning service as per the recommediation of the service manual.

Externel Conifiguration of DVD RW–>

  1. Disk drive connector is a normal molex 4 pin connector

  2. IDE data cable (as it is not a sata device)

but nothing is solving the problem …

any solutions ??

It sounds like maybe it doesn’t have a writing strategy for newer media so it gets confused and doesn’t do anything with it. Is the FW up to date with the latest one? You also might want to try other blanks with a different mid code to see if it’s just the particular disk you are using.
Worse comes to worse spend 30 bucks or less and get a shiny new burner like the Optiarc 7240 that many are having good luck with, it is also a SATA based burner and does 24x max
If you haven’t you might want to try another 80 wire IDE cable, sometimes they get bad too.

I have split and moved this part about the nonfunctional DVDRW to the NEC burners forum, where it is better suited.