AVStoDVD VsConvertxtodvd

i have been using convertxtodvd can someone please give me some feedback on AVStoDVD im looking to switch over to AVStoDVD and just wanted to know what some people think of this software thank you

I haven’t used ConvertX for many years, and then only the original free version and the trial that left a watermark. But we have a few members here who use both programs, so perhaps they will chip in.

AVStoDVD is the best [B]free[/B] conversion program for making dvd-video that I know of. It has some excellent features, such as allowing dvd-compliant streams to be authored without re-encoding, and it is flexible on output. You can make mpeg files, and elementary streams as well as complete dvd-video. I wrote a guide for it, which you can find here: http://club.myce.com/f32/avstodvd-guide-331620/

The author will respond to any problems you have with the program if you post in his trouble shooting thread over at Videohelp.com. You can find the link to that thread in my guide above.

AVStoDVD does have some weak points, particularly in its ability to handle certain audio formats. DTS HD MA audio (the most common high def audio these days in blu ray) can be a problem. And AAC in mkv files can gum up the works on occasion. The DTS issue was bad enough that I quit using AVStoDVD for conversion of blu ray to dvd-video, and only do that conversion now in BD Rebuilder.

But 90% of the time AVStoDVD will have no problems converting videos. ConvertX will work more often on these problem conversions, but I would expect this as a commercial product.

As a general rule, AVStoDVD can produce slightly higher quality output using the HC mpeg2 encoder (2 pass) than what you see from ConvertX. ConvertX will be faster most of the time.

Thank You how long does avstodvd take compare to convertx

As I said, I’m not familiar with ConvertX in its current incarnation, so I won’t be able to tell you the speed differences. I’m just relaying information that I’ve read from those who use both. You may have to do your own testing.

Is there any way to disable the menu on avstodvd i like it when it goes straight to the video

Yes, you can make dvds without menus in AVStoDVD. If you don’t click on the dvd menu control and run the editor, the program will give you a dvd-video without a menu.

so all i have to do is put the video in the program and let it go correct and it will give me a dvd without a menu


You might want to make a DVD label however. But even that is optional.

i do have a labeler that i can print right on the dvd discs

[QUOTE=MovieFeen401;2694619]so all i have to do is put the video in the program and let it go correct and it will give me a dvd without a menu[/QUOTE]
The way for no menu is just don’t use the “Menu Wizard” in any way.

There are still settings you need to do for other video output you want.
DVD5 or DVD9 for example.

@ Kerry ; You may have this somewhere in your toolbox .
DivxToDVD the predecessor to Convert X to DVD .
It doesn’t leave a watermark like the trial version.
I seldom use this anymore.

what are the output settings for dvd5 to fit a whole dvd disc

Default size in AVStoDVD is a DVD-5. This is nominally 4.7gb, but in reality has about 4.3gb of data.

If your video input is very small, AVStoDVD will not fill up the entire disc. It uses certain bitrate guidelines to comply with dvd specifications. So it won’t do overkill in bitrate just to fill the disc.

Length of video in time x bitrate gives you the output size. In most cases, where you have a 90 to 120 minute movie, AVStoDVD will fill an entire single layer dvd. I would not try to put more than 3hrs onto a single layer dvd video however. The quality of the video will suffer.

does avstodvd have to go threw a HCenc before burning it to dvd

If you have selected HC as the encoding engine (and I strongly recommend using HC in a two pass configuration), then yes, you will see HC start the encoding process. The only time this isn’t true is when the video is already compliant to dvd specifications.

AVStoDVD will not burn straight to a disc unless you select Burn DVD as your output. There is a control on the main page of AVStoDVD that says Output, where you can determine what happens to the output from the program. Also, AVStoDVD needs ImgBurn installed in order to burn straight to a disc. If you are going to do this, you need to start up ImgBurn first, and set your burning speed to 8x or less if you are using a laptop burner, or 8 or 12x if you are using a full sized dvd burner. Then close ImgBurn and start up AVStoDVD. Once the burn speed is set in ImgBurn, it should remember that setting.

ImgBurn is a free burning program that you can download here: http://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download Click on any of the mirrors.

do i need to reinstall it if i want to take out the HC enoding engine

Why on earth would you want to take out the HC encoder? It needs an mpeg2 encoder in order to function. The current version of AVStoDVD can make use of either HCenc, or ffmpeg.

If you want to only use ffmpeg, go to Preferences–>Video, then select ffmpeg CBR 1-pass. Then save preferences as default. The other way to do it is go to Tools and start the Quick Tutorial over again, and select ffmpeg as your main encoder.

This will speed up encoding, but give poorer quality results. You might as well stick with ConvertX.

ok i will stick with the hcenc then i like the way i can encode like 5 dvds at a time its the best

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2694654]Why on earth would you want to take out the HC encoder? [/QUOTE]

Same question from me.

If you want a quality conversion you want the HCEnc 2 pass.
I wouldn’t use over a 9 setting for DC Precision.
Some DVDs 8 looks better.

i will just stay with the 2 pass and the dvd-5 i will let a bunch of dvds run all night and in the morning i will burn them all

[QUOTE=MovieFeen401;2694655]ok i will stick with the hcenc then i like the way i can encode like 5 dvds at a time its the best[/QUOTE]

I don’t think you can do that .

What will happen is this will try to compress all 5 DVDs to a single DVD5(Single Layer) . The quality will be very low even if this works.
Note I’ve never tried this . So it is possille there is a setting I’ve missed.
Where 5 DVDs can be added & a seperate DVD5 for each is created but I don’t think so.