AVStoDVD & Avs2Avi

In the new version it says:
“Replaced Avs2Avi with FFmpeg for NULL encoding purposes (Avs2Avi has been actually removed from AVStoDVD package)”

I haven’t seen a setting in the previous versions to use or not use Avs2Avi . What functions does it do in AVStoDVD ?

I also found a bug I might need to report in the previous versions.

If you change the computer settings DPI to a custom size or the 120 larger setting . You get a warning & a very basic same icon on all the buttons.
There is a workaround for this with version & probably older versions.
The workaround works if you use the older skins folder in & maybe newer. Then 7zip the .ico files into the Skins folder.
The icons don’t look as good as the ones with 96DPI.
A lot better than the basic one though.

I believe Avs2Avi was a legacy source filter used with AviSynth in AVStoDVD.

A2DSource is just a catchall that uses the default decoders for audio and video. AviSource is sometimes used with AviSynth, depending on the source, and DirectShowSource and FFmpegSource are self evident.

Thanks Kerry . So I probably won’t even know it’s gone.

Should I report the DPI bug somewhere ?

MrC looks at all bug reports in this thread over at videohelp: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/277852-AVStoDVD-Support-Thread

He may, or may not do anything about it though.

I will check into that then.
I haven’t used it much but I’m registered at videohelp.

I can live with the workaround.
It’s good I keep a couple of older versions so I can copy the 7zip file from them.