AvsP2 (Securom/blindread/write)


I use a LiteOn uhm… 16something cd writer, and reading the thread on Avsp2 I used blindread/write to make a backup. I didn’t use the subcode extraction and writing, which know now, I should…

…But the CD appears to be empty after writing. Is this normal if you don’t extract the subcodes? Or is my CD writer not supported?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don’t want to waste CD’s trying to find out…

The BW suite works great with Lite-ON 24102B so it should work with your CD-R ass well !
If you check the SUB channel box BW will tell you if this feature is supported by your CD-R or not !

Check for a firmware upgrade otherwise try a different brand of media !

Thanx for your reply

So, it is not normal for a CD-R to appear empty if you don’t read/write the subcodes on securom, and I should look for a firmware upgrade?

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