I have only just thought, that in the very short time that I have contributed on this forum that there does not seem to have been a review of the many “AVS4you” programs.
Now not being an expert in any shape nor form I have found their products to be quite good. So… feedback anybody ?
Bye the way , they have recently had some updates.:slight_smile:



We have a number of different software companies represented in our forums. They provide a fairly comprehensive array of programs for video decryption, conversion, and editing. Therefore much of our attention is focused on those companies. Feel free to contribute a review of the AVS4You program of your choice however.

I personally prefer a few of the free alternatives, and those I have chosen to use and review can stand against any of the commercial products in my opinion, with one caveat. You won’t get guaranteed support from the authors. Many of the freeware authors are very good about answering questions, but not all, and you really cannot expect personalized service from them.