AVS Video Converter

I used this program (version 1.6) in order to covert Audio Video Interleave to MPEG2 VOB files, but there was a slight problem. It appeared that gradually, the audio in this VOB file started to lag behind a fraction of a second. The delay became larger until the end, where it was almost half a second. What could be causing this? The source AVI does not have this problem.

  • I used PAL settings. Conversion took over three long hours. Now I’m at it again, trying NTSC. When I used DVDLab to split Video and Audio streams, I noticed that the audio stream appeared to be one second longer than the video stream. Could this have caused the delay? When I use PgcDemux (1.2.6 I believe, or something), to check for audio delay, it says there is none.
  • I used the split option under advanced and put the max file size to 1000 MB, like it’s seen on usual DVDs. This time, however, I leave the VOB whole to be capped into pieces later.
  • Thirdly, if it is necessary, can anyone suggest an alterior (maybe better) program with which to accomplish transcoding without corruption?