AVS Video Converter

Has anyone tried or own AVS Video Converter? I am looking into it now and thinking about buying it but want some feedback if any about it first.

also was looking into neoDVD but that is a little too expensive for me right.

So any feed back on it is most appreciated and if you got another program you will recommended please state so.

Thanks in advance.

and yes i am a noob :slight_smile: and dont tell me to get DvDSanta :smiley:

I have it and it works fine. I have a small digital video recorder that stores on disks and wanted to convert from the storage disks to DVDs.

I bought it because it looked like an easy way to fix my pinacle dazzle 150 captures off of my direct-tv box, which has some sort of digital info in the top few lines of the screen. These then appear when playing back on the pc. AVS converter, has a nice way to set a crop rectangle which is just the ticket for me. Unfortunately, the software has been unable to directly convert my captures. I sent them a sample file (which other software does handle ok) and am awaiting the results. As a workaround, I have to convert the file in pinacle or cyberlink director first, and then convert that, adding at times 4 hours to the process of a 2 hour capture.

The software has potential, but I found the editing dialog to be difficult to use. For example, they have about 30 combinations of left control, shift, arrows, alt, right control, etc. Impossible to keep straight, and quite non-intuitive. If you are trying to make a range selection and go too far, say holding down the right arrow key, and think you can fix that with the left arrow key, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. I forget already what it does, but not what you’d expect. There is a way to click on the timeline, but it’s not very accurate, say if you want to edit out a commercial.

For example, I wanted to precisely select an area to delete. They have an easy way to set markers fairly precisely, but then you can’t use a pair of the markers to make a range selection. You can only double click on one and it then makes both the left/right selection the same place, i.e. a zero size selection. Try to select 2 to yield a range is not implemented that I could find. An alternative, also not available would be a snap to marker when close, then you could set a pair of markers, and do a select/drag to select the range.

The software has potential, but needs work. Another missing feature is that there is no way to save all your settings for a particular video and then reload them for another one. Once you quit the program, they’re all gone. True, you can keep the program up and use the settings on multiple files, but a simple save/restore settings seems like an oversight, especially as there can be many complex editing setups.