AVS to DVD aborts near end of project

We seem to be getting conflicting messages from the log files.
BatchMux.Log states : Muxman authoring complete, whereas the DVD log states: Process aborted during DVD authoring operations.
Which are we to believe?
I could not locate any asset files in the temp folder so I’ll run a single video file project and save the asset files.

[QUOTE=rim rim;2783839]gonca

Next time go to ADVANCED and wrap code tags around the logs
A mod (Kerry56) might fix it

How do I do that? I don’t see any options for doing that in Advanced Project Settings.[/QUOTE]

rim rim
gonac meant here on the forum if you go into advanced you can wrap long log files , like I did yours to make it easier for some to read.
using the # icon

sorry for the confusion
My sincere apologies to Kerry56 for referring to him as a lowly mod:cool::bigsmile: