i want to backup Aliens vs. Predator 2. Clony XL says it uses Securom new. Are there any specific settings to get a perfect copy without running a program in the background (such as: PlayBackup.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

ClonyXL should have already given you the right CloneCD settings …


[ul][li]SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
[/li][*]SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks[/ul]But you would need a reader that can handle this.

i did a cd with that… and it didnt work, now i just used fast error skip. i habe to keep playbackup running but as long as it works…

Well in order to get a good SecuROM (new) back-up you need to use a reader that can read the Subs reliable or you need to use a slower reading speed. Then you need a writer that can write them reliable… So in short: without proper hardware you can’t do it successfully. Maybe if you use a slower reading/writing speed you’ll get a better result.

well i have the plextor 12/10.
can i use that to reliably read and write the image?
if so, at what speed?

The Plextor drives should be reliable when it comes to SubChannel Data reading/writing… Did you also use the Plex to read the image? If so it should have worked :confused:

SecuROM requires a read of the data sub only

i have the new plex 24x burner.
tried to make a backup of AvP2 but it didn’t work.
used clonecd and used plex 24x as reader.
all i had checked off was fast error skip.
i will try it again with read sub-channel data checked off.
will post again when i’m done.
wish me luck.


hey i’m back.
AvP2 copys perfect.
used my 24x plex as reader with these settings using clonecd:

read speed max

read sub-channel data from data tracks.
read sub-channel data from audio tracks.

those are the only 2 settings that i checked off, left rest unchecked.

to burn i used these settings:

16x burn speed

burn proof/just link

always close session

thats it.
the copy works fine in my burner and in my regular 52x cdrom drive aswell.

hope this helps.


Where can I get a list of hardware that is compatible with CloneCD and all its posibilities?

Originally posted by Slider
Where can I get a list of hardware that is compatible with CloneCD and all its posibilities?
www.elby.de and look for requirements.