Heya, this is my first post on this site so bear with me…

-I got an alien vs predator 2 iso.
-I copied them to cd fine(cd1 & cd2)

-The game installed fine

**my problem is when i try to run the game either from programs menu, avp2.exe or autorun nothing happens??

Has anyone encountered this problem before ??( bit of a stab in the dark)

Or would anyone have any advice on troubleshooting this problem??

IT sound like what I call a “Silent Crash” where a program just quits for no reason (ther’s probabally a nore technical name, bit I don’t know what it is).

What I try to do is open task manager and select the process tab, click on the CPU column so it lists the programms by how much of the CPU’s time it takes up, start the game and watch to see how long it lasts for and what programs pop to the top.

Go onto the games web site and look for any fault list / posts that look like what you have on your PC. Maybe there is a patch or workaround that will fix it.

What program did you use to make the ISO?
This may be because of a copy protection, that makes the backup fail silently. Does your original have this problem too? If so, there is something wrong with the software on your computer (could be video card, could be DirectX, could be anything).

If not, you know for sure it is a faulty backup and I would suggest do a protection scan with a program like A-Ray scanner and make a proper backup using the correct hardware and software (more information can be found in these forums)

AVP 2 has securerom protection I think. Check here:


hey thanks for all the help. should be enough info in all the posts to sort it out.