AVP Anti Viral Toolkit....or any good updatable Virus Scanner



Hi Folks!
Mike from Ireland here with a question for the forum.....
I have Norton Virus 2000.....but it is very slow to update....when it does at all.....

Some time ago ( in my pre-Ghost days ) I had AVP but can't remember where i got it??? where can i get the Platinum or full version to DL???

Also....I have been using Black Ice...thanks to Fosi.....Is it the best defence???
....have you folks any reccomendations??

Thanx In Advance



Just get a trail download at http://www.avp.com
Look in your mailbox for the register KEY.


You can also try esafe Its free and you can download it at



I have to say that AVP is a realy good virus protection program, i never had problems with it, so i realy recomend to use AVP.
wll thats about it, Cheers!

Best Regards


I’m not sure about AVP. It’s database of viruses is not that large compared to Norton or McAfee



Problem with avp is that you have to update it too often. Everytime you don’t it will put an annoying messagebox on startup.
I switched to sophos, but I’m not sure this is a good alternative, it didn’t detect one of my ‘test’ trojans. (which AVP did)