Avoiding of buying dual layer burner

I’ve a question around the new dual layer capabilities of the dvd burners.I would like to avoid to buy them.I own a Pioneer A106 mono layer. It is possible with some program split the original 9 Gb dvd in 2 dvd of 4,7 gb each? I’m searching for a few click program,like dvd shrink. Some advice for make what i need without purchasing the new burner and the dual layer ultra pricey dvd+r?

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Yes, there are many programs – DVDFab, CloneDVD, and DVDXCopy just to name a few --that can take a dual layer DVD and split it into 2 single layer DVDs.

If your looking to buy a new burner anyway, I wouldn’t shy away from a good one like a LiteOn or NEC2510A, but wouldn’t buy it just for the DL. NEC’s 2510 is well under $100 usd now, and I needed a new burner, hence my decision, but with the media so expensive, I only use it to burn single layer 4.7’s.

Having said that, if your happy with your burner, and would like to take a dvd9 movie and burn it to 4.7, Gil T is very correct about software to split across 2 discs.

Another option I’d like to toss out is compressing and or re-authoring to burn it to 1 4.7. (IE, only burning the main movie, leaving off unecessary stuff like foreign languages…trailers etc.) DVDShrink is a great lil free transcoder that does this well, and hooks straight into nero for the burn.

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Thanks alot! Dvd Fab seem to be what i’m searching for! DvdXCopy is no more, CloneDvd is for only one disc , Gil T on Google seem not existing. However i think is still not the time for dual layer burners. The burner is not pricey but the media and the slowness in burning is very boring. With the price of one disc you can get at least 6-7 dvd mono layer. With this app there is not even need of it for make a full quality movie backup. Yuuhhuu!

CloneDVD dowload link.

Using the Application

Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts…

And again, DVDShrink is also a great app that is free. :slight_smile:

You can look into it HERE :iagree:

I was not knowing of this capability of CloneDvd. Thanks again!

Gil T is very correct about software to split across 2 discs.

Gil T on Google seem not existing.

lol, seems that you searched google for Gil T. :slight_smile: