Avoiding file splitting using shrink32


I have been trying to use Shrink 32 to copy DVD’s and then convert them for the PSP using PSP9. The trouble I am having is that when the video is stored on the harddrive it is stored as several chapters and when it comes to convert them using PSP 9 it seems only possible to select one chapter at a time. I have used DVD Decrypter several times and that gives you the option of setting Chapter splitting to “none” and then the whole film can be converted in one go.
Is this possible easily on Shrink and if not how can I select all the separate chapters in one go on the hard drive so that they convert seamlessly as one long film. Basically I prefer using shrink 32. Thanks in advance. Jim

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Probably you are using decrypter in IFO mode. The correct way is “FILE mode”. Try to rip again in file mode and see if this solve.

Thanks for reply.As said I have already used decrypter and managed to avoid the chapter splitting by ticking the “no splitting” box but I wanted to know how to avoid it in Shrink32. I personally prefer this software and hoped it was possible . If not how do I transfer all the separate chapters listed in my “DVD work” folder to the PSP 9 in one go. Do I have to encode every chapter separately in order and if so does the film play without breaks afterwards . Thanks

As I said before, what mode are you using with decrypter? File mode or IFO mode?

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I have used file mode when I have used decrypter in the past, but I am not sure why that is relevant. I just want to use Shrink on its own ,not in conjunction with decrypter. Shrink does a great job at decrypting and copying but the only trouble I am having is with the chapter splitting and how to avoid this or in other words how to make it copy in one go.Thanks. Jim

Open the DVD Shrink click on “Edit” click on “Preference” click on “OutputFiles” then uncheck box “Split VOB files into 1 GB size”

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Thanks for your answer but I am confused why decrypter keeps being mentioned in replies. I don’t want to use decrypter in any shape or form I just want to use Shrink on its own to copy and edit videos. How do I avoid chapter splitting in Shrink32 on its own. Thanks

If you look into the above picture you can see by unchecking the box in DVD Shrink you can avoid spileting the file.

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You sorted that one out for me, sorry not to pay attention to your earlier message. Jim

Hello, I have been using Shrink 32 to copy DVD’s to hard drive and then converting them using PSP 9. For example a film recorded as only main film with no subtitles etc. was about 4300 mb. When I checked on c: it had saved as the same amount(4300 mb), OK so far. When I went to convert using PSP 9, during the process I noticed that the file size went over the saved amount until at the end it was about 7000mb. When saved on a memory stick it saved at this amount as well. Can anyone give me any idea why this is happening?

It will be better to keep these related queries altogether in one thread, so that others can see what’s going on right from the start (two threads merged).

Assuming you are converting from MPEG2 (DVD) to MPEG4 (XviD/DivX) contained in an .avi file, and unless you have a 7 GB Memory Stick ;), I’d say there was something wrong with the filesize calculation. Are you sure it isn’t 700 MB?

Oops, to many noughts I think. Have you any advice on the problem taking the amounts to be 430mb and 700mb. Thanks. Jim

Hmmm… your ‘shrunk’ DVD file should have been 4300 MB, and after conversion your .avi should be 700 MB (BTW I was meaning the program may have screwed up the filesize calculation, rather than you :wink: … )

It may be possible to go from 4300 MB to 7000 MB, but only if the settings in the conversion software are not correct. What I’m not clear about though is how you were able to save a 7000 MB file to a Memory Stick, so perhaps you could confirm exactly what the filesizes are?

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As I said in my last message I made a mistake with the 4300 and 7000 mb sizes mentioned in my question so forget those, I meant 430 enlarged to 700mb. Taking these figures do you have any ideas as to what has happened. Thanks

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I was thinking :confused: isn’t 2gb => 20,000 mb? If so is not 7000 mb easily fittable on to a 2gb card? Which goes back to my original figures.

It all goes up in 1,000 byte chunks:

1 KB = 1000 B
1 MB = 1,000,000 B (or 1,000 KB)
1 GB = 1,000,000,000 B (or 1,000,000 KB) or (1,000 MB)

2GB = 2,000 MB
7GB = 7,000 MB

I doubt that you would have shrunk a full DVD down to 430 MB. The default for DVD Shrink would be 4.3 GB (= 4,300 MB).