Avoid to use Liggy Drive Converter on 3550!

3550 becomes completely broken if via Drive Converter you change it ID from 3550/3551 to other. After this operation 3550 can’t read and write any CDs or DVDs, it can’t even rotate the disk inside drive. Nothing can correct: changing back to 3550/3551 or flashing any firmware.

I think only than can it correct it’s a new version of Drive Converter or a complete modification to 4550.

Have you contacted Liggy directly with your problems before posting overhere?

I think it’s not correct to make such a statement if you don’t excactly now what’s going on!

This has already been discussed. We were told not to use the drive converter to change the 3550 into a 4550 as it will not work. There is more to this process than changing the drive ID. A search on this in this forum would have saved your drive.

No, I can’t find any info to get my drive back to operation

If you didn’t use the latest version, you might have to do so now and change your drive to something else and then back to the original value.