Avisynth violation...what does this mean?

I posted earlier regarding DVD2SVCD outputting a 534 meg video file when I asked for 4400 while doing an xvid film to DVD.

I’ve just have a look at the encoded 534 meg video file and found this…
“avisynth: caught an access violation at xxxxxxxx
attempting to write to xxxxxxx”

I’m using avisynth v2.5 in DVD2SVCD. The actual xvid film plays fine right the way through…HELP:confused:


Could be about anything, especially when avisynth is bundled like that its almost impossible to determine what’s causing it.

Typical error when there is a problem with the AVI, even though it appears to p-lay okay.

Load the avi into VDub or Nandub (if you get an audio error when loaded), set Video & Audio to Direct Stream Copy and then Save AVI. This just basically re-muxes the Video & Audio and can “clean up” an AVI simply. Then try encoding that again. If still a problem, set Video & Audio to Full Processing Mode, for Video compression set to Xvid at a bitrate a bit bigger than the original, then Save AVI. Can take an hour to reencode.

I assume you have tried DivFix and DivXRepair on a copy of the AVI already ?

The only time I’ve managed to crash avisynth is certain combinations of filters (plugins) otherwise it runs along fine and if you want to re-encode (mask bad frames should be enough though) try a lossless format instead of a lossy one that degrades quality even more.