Avisynth TemporalSoften - bare minimum?

What is the absolutely minimum amount of video noise reduction that Avisynth’s TemporalSoften can apply?

I usually use Temporalsoften(2,3,3) but there was some banding on plain parts of the picture (e.g. blue sky, blank walls), so I’d like even less noise reduction - the bare minimum.

Would Temporalsoften(1,1,1) be the minimum? Or do some of those numbers need to be “2” in order for it to compare?


Try another smoothing filter if you think it smooths too much.
You can find a few on this site:

Thanks for the suggestion.

The link to the official Avisynth site is useless because they dont include samples. They typically give one example as a starting value, but do not give another example as comparison or contrast, meaning there’s no way to deduce which direction to shift the values to acheive anything.