Avisynth 2.5 not recognizing smoothdeinterlacer.dll



Hi Guys,

I am new to this and I have search the forums but could not find a solution to my question.

I am am trying to convert a NTSC DVD to PAL by using the following method.


I have downloaded the software recommended to convert the dvd, but get stuck where I need to import the .avs file created into TMPGEnc. Firstly I was getting the error the “mpeg2dec.dll was not an avisynth 1.0 plugin”, so I installed Avisynth 2.5. Now I am getting the error “smoothdeinterlacer is not an avisynth 2.5 plugin.”

I have tried using different versions of smoothdeinterlacer.dll but to no avail, still have the same error.

Thanks for your helping this n00b out :slight_smile:




You should also upgrade MPEG2DEC to MPEG2DEC3.


Thanks DiiZzy. Much appreciated :bigsmile:

That has fixed my issue with smoothdeinterlacer but now i have an error ConvertFPS: Requires YUY2 input

I have installed Huffyuv.dll and even altered the registry to use that file only, using the steps on the Avisynth site.

I know this is probably a real dumb question but I can seem to find the answer. Ive searched this forum and the doom9 forum.

Thanks again guys for the help.:bow:



Before the script calls ConvertFPS.