Avi's on DVD



I’m thinking of getting some avi’s off my hard drive onto DVDs. If I don’t convert, but burn as avi, I can still view on my computer correct?

If I do convert to DVD format, how much bigger would the file be? (I could probably try converting one and see, but if someone could give me an estimate, it would save me the time converting and not having to dl something I won’t use.) This question is because I’m wondering how many extra DVD’s I’d have to use if I converted the files. Thanks in advance.


i have converted 51 half hour avi movies to 9 DVD-5 discs. i used the VSO DivxToDVD program and CopyToDVD program which i dl for free from its site. its a great program. You can also use Nero or PowerProducer. i also made copies of the DVDs i made and they came out great. CINDI :slight_smile: Ps i only used TY made in Japan discs. burned them at 6 and 8.


i would just leave them as avi’s if all you are going to do is watch them on your computer :wink:

if you convert them to dvd format, the size will vary. i have seen them from about 1.5GB up to about 3.8GB.

i left mine as avi to view on computer because it saves ALOT of discs and space. just burn them as data


final size of an avi convert to dvd depends on variables such as framerate,bitrate, PAL or NTSC, resolution etc. best app i have used so far to do avi to dvd is nero visionexpress. there are other apps that will do it, but nve has never failed me…yet


hey ghosters when i use nero my sound never comes thru what am i doing wrong? when i tried Nero for the 51 episodes of FMA the picture was great but no sound came thru what did i do wrong? CINDI:)


sorry, no idea :frowning: