AVIs crash computer

Does anyone have any idea why certain vids I’ve downloaded off the web would crash my computer and/or media players… im not talking pirated flicks here (dont worry)… just your standard run of mill internet downloads… as soon as i double click to play the file it will crash my media player… i cant even click once on the file in the folder or else the folder will crash too… which in turns slowly refreshes the desktop and screen to make it ok again… i thought maybe it was a codec thing… but wasnt sure where to get updates on those… i have a k-lite pack from a year or so ago… but didnt know if that was it…any ideas would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance!!

Rules, apply to them.

The same thing happened to me a few days ago, it is because your computer can’t preview the avi file so it crashes because it is not able to do it. I thought I had bookmarked the site. It was on the Dell forums under what somebody that was a virus, I will try to find it ASAP.

This has happened to me in the past and it was a result of having outdated codecs so you could try updating them.

Get rid of the codec pack they are more trouble than they are worth and just use the codecs you need. Yes updating them may help, expecially if the files are made with more up-to-date version.

Yeah, I’ve read too fast. Follow JayC30’s advice.

to add on to JayC’s suggestion, Gspot is a great utility for determining what codec you need to play a particular file.that way you can be sure you’re only downloading the codecs you need…why download a codec pack when you only need one particular codec? just clogs up the system and increases the chance of conflicts…

It’s unclear what you mean by “run-of-the-mill internet downloads”, because that implies there’s some sort of reliability about them. Nothing could be further from the truth - you are stuck with the way that others have encoded it. If the files are XviD or DivX then especially packed bitstream, Qpel, GMC and suchlike can mess up the playback if you have an outdated decoder.

Like JayC30, I’m against the idea of codec packs. You never know what you’re getting in them, and the wrong sourcing of the pack may include hacked versions that breaks DirectShow (the ‘standard’ relationship between the elements of the decoder train that you need to play them back).

I would second reasonsnotrules suggestion of Gspot. As she says, this app will tell you if your DirectShow can put together a filtergraph to play the A/V, but if not then it will tell you what codecs are needed. Then look for these from reputable sources - DivX and XviD decoders you can get free for a start.

If it’s an .avi, a further step is to see what’s ‘included’ in your downloads’ encoding strategy - the site of MPEG4 Modifier will give you some clues about the Qpel, GMC etc, and a nice application to remove packed bitstream without re-encoding.

awesome… found the new codec versions online and installed… works like a charm now… thanks for the help… i really appreciate it…1