AVIs burnt to dual layer wont play

I have a Asus P5K MB, Intel quad core CPU, 4 GB ram and an LG dual layer burner running Vista HP. All SW and drivers are latest versions.

When I use Windows Media Player “burn tab” to burn AVIs to a DVD single layer disc it plays fine but if I use the same process to burn to a DL disc (regardless of size of burn) the disc will not play. (if I render the files to a DVD image then burn to DL they play, but then I lose a ton of space or loose quality) I have made lots of dual layer home videos that all play fine and the AVIs burn to single layer play fine so does not appear as to bea dvd player issue

Using WIndows Media Player burn tab is so easy - just drag & drop and no compatibility issues or conflicts. Has anyone else run into this and if so did you find a fix??

didnt have the problem but you can try converting them w/ convertX that should work w/out losing to much quality