Avis and DVDs

Hi everyone! I’m new to this site. Thanks very much for any advice you can give. I really appreciate it.

I am living in Japan right now and trying to submit a home video to a TV show as an entry for a contest.

Anyways, the website for the TV show says to turn in a mini-DV, a DVD, a VHS, etc…I am not sure if they will take a regular old data disc…

I shot footage using a DV camera and transferred it onto my computer as an avi file. For some reason, it doesn’t play on Windows Media Player, but it only plays on Qucktime.

I wanted to make a DVD but accidentally just made a regular data disc onto a DVD. However, I still could not play it on my computer.

(Also, for some odd reason, the original file was 5:30 minutes, but the one on the DVD turned out to be 11 minutes??)

Someone told me that avis can’t be burned onto DVDs such that they can be played in DVD players, so I found a link for an avi converter. If I do that though…do you think that it will play on a Japanese DVD player?? When people burn regular home DVDs, is there still a difference between region 1 and region 2 DVDs?

Sorry! I am very confused…Thanks for your help!

You will really need to ask them those type of questions, as I can’t even guess as to what they can and will accept…

AVI is just a file container that can have anything in it (MPEG2, MPEG4 etc). A professional TV station should have the tools to convert whatever you send, but there must be some hint in the hardware/software you used to import the DV footage as to what it was converting it to.