Avira Antivir Premium

If any of you care to try Avira Antivi Premium for 6 months you can register for the free license and download below:




Thanks for the really good find - their normal yearly price is about $29US-

I find that the free version is absolutely awesome - used along with the Comodo firewall and the ThreatFire anti malware/spyware - and all are free too-eh!!

I use the free version and love it…thanks for the heads up, I’ll definately give the premium version a shot.

welcome guys

I was using the free version and found this free 6 month Premium and I really like it, minimal resources used, pretty quick scanning, and auto updating. Oh yea, no nags either.

Thanks Kipper. I get CA internet security suite for free from my ISP but i grabbed this anyway just to try out someday.

The nags aren’t as bad as UAC in Vista, but no pop ups at all are always a good thing. :slight_smile:

thank you kindly i will give it a try.