Avidemux 2.6.8 Not Importing Audio



I need to crop a video, and few free applications offer crop without watermarks.

I did another edit in Windows Movie Maker (which doesn’t let me crop) so the output was .wmv

Now, when I open in Avidemux, the Information shows me there is no duration to the audio. This version doesn’t default to the dummy audio preference (I’ve checked).

What can I do? This is ridiculous. I have other video items I need to do this with, too, so it has to work.

Thanks for solutions/suggestions.


I rarely use Avidemux so I wouldn’t be much help
It might help someone that does to know the format of the audio track .
I assume that is the problem . Avidemux can’t work with the format the audio track of the .WMV you created uses .
You might test to see if the version of Avidemux you are using can do this with a video in another format. .mp4 for example.

I haven’t tried to crop with either of these but I understand both Vidcoder & Handbrake have cropping features. Both of these are freeware.


Great observation. I’ll give it a try later by working on my raw .mp4 video, crop first THEN go over to WMM to edit (which is just way easier).

Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll post how it turns out.

In the meanwhile, any other thoughts, in case that doesn’t solve it, are also welcome.

I’ll also add vidcoder and handbrake to my arsenal. I’ve installed about 4 editors today, all of which had some sort of impediment to doing this one thing the way I wanted it to!!



Vidcoder and Handbrake are primarily encoding programs. They have no editing capability other than cropping/resizing resolutions.

Let us know how you get on. There aren’t all that many free editing programs that are worth recommending, and the one I’m aware of that might be is not simple. It is called Aviutil. http://www.videohelp.com/software/AviUtl

I rarely do more than cutting sections out or merging files with AviDemux. And I try not to use it for any type of conversion. I use it in Copy mode if at all possible.