Avid export nightmare

Hello all.

I’m having a nightmare at the moment. Whilst i’m not a total newbie i would appreciate some suggestions on the following:

my current workflow consists of

avid xpress
film captured to a panasonic dvd recorder - DVD-VIDEO
dvd video encoded to mpeg-2 in TMPGenc xpress 4
encoded mpeg-2 file used as asset in Encore 2.0
voila, one DVD.

i realise this seems a little crazy, but we have some problems exporting to mpeg-2 and AVI using the avid setup (which is due to be upgraded soon anyway). In fact, the setup has produced acceptable results previously, especially for web use and delivery via a director projector. However, once you start watching it on DVD in comparison to the original on the Avid, the difference is very noticeable indeed.

My actual problem is that although the DVD video is perfect when it comes out of the panasonic, something happens to it in tmpgenc. any shots simulating horizontal movement become (relatively) jerky, and pans etc have the same problem.

I’ve been through the settings on tmpgenc over and over again, so I know that I’m not changing anything like the framerate, or the field order. incidentally it’s PAL, top field first, 25fps, 720x576.

I also should note that although I’ve tried to use the presets in tmpgenc for DVD-standard/legal mpeg-2. they’re never acceptable in Encore.

Can anyone even begin to unravel this mess?? please forgive the somewhat disorganised nature of the post…i’m very tired.

Cheers for your input.

If they are originally captured to dvd-video format, why are you converting it. DVD-Video format is an acceptable format to play on dvd players.
Right now, you are converting once when you capture to the dvd player.
You are converting again with tmpgenc.
You are converting again with encore, unless you have specified for it not to re-encode already encoded material.

Best scenarios would be:

  1. Leave it as dvd-video
  2. Once captured as dvd-video, why can’t you just go to encore, make your menu’s, chapter markers, etc, and specify not to re-encode the already encoded data.

It doesn’t matter what settings you use, every time you re-encode you will lose image quality. The Panasonic is creating MPEG2, why re-encode that?

TMPGEnc-Author will import that, and create a DVD-video without re-encoding. Looks to me like you’re doing 2 re-encoding steps that are not necessary.