Avi2dvd stutter cce 2.5

I’m trying to convert an XVID to DVDR.

The re-encoded video stutters constantly as it plays.

The video plays find in WMP, so I assume I have a good xvid codec installed.

Another XVID I have converts fine.

“The re-encoded video stutters constantly as it plays.”

Is this on your PC (what software are you using) or your DVD Player or both ? What brand/type of media are you burning to as well ?

Can you also post what GSPOT says about the Video & Audio of the Xvid.

it’s the videos I’m playing back q14, q36 during the prediction phase. I played them back in both WMP winDVD6.

I didn’t even try to burn anything yet. Just watching these on my PC

AVI File Details - With Stutter/Blocks

Name…: thename.avi
Filesize…: 701 MB (or 718,720 KB or 735,969,280 bytes)
Runtime…: 01:20:16 (115,470 fr)
Video Codec…: XviD
Video Bitrate: 1024 kb/s
Audio Codec…: ac3 (0x2000) Dolby Laboratories, Inc
Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s (96/ch, stereo) CBR
Frame Size…: 576x320 (1.80:1) [=9:5]

It’s like theres little blocks or artifacts in the re-encoded video.

AVI File Details - for the Files that reencode fine

Name…: well_bahaved_xvid.avi
Filesize…: 350 MB (or 359,046 KB or 367,663,104 bytes)
Runtime…: 00:53:37 (77,141 fr)
Video Codec…: XviD
Video Bitrate: 776 kb/s
Audio Codec…: 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 130 kb/s (65/ch, stereo) VBR
Frame Size…: 640x368 (1.74:1) [=40:23]

Thanks for listening and taking care of my initial post.

"it’s the videos I’m playing back q14, q36 during the prediction phase. I played them back in both WMP winDVD6. "

Why on earth would you expect these to play perfect, they are files created while searching for the best Q value. They bare no resemblence to the finished encode. Play the final produced *.mpv or *.mpg or *.vob files and then report how it is.

ok, i’ve tested others this way and I agree they aren’t going to be perfect, but I think I can get a general Idea of the picture quality.

I ran the avi through the full encode and it gives me an error afterwards of the check sum failed for the second pass.

Does this mean the AVI is corrupt?

BTW, the xvid seems to play fine in media player.

I tried to reencode again and I got a file in use error this time. strange.

I"m going to try one more time while i’m out.

all the Q18 Q36 in the project folder looked the same GREEN screen, then flicker back and forth between frames of the video as it progresses.

last log:

  • Sample enc. Q=36 : 4921 kbps, err=-31.7%, size=2962956232, sample sz=29868200
  • Sample enc. Q=18 : 6891 kbps, err=-4.3%, size=4149027169, sample sz=41824436
  • Sample enc. Q=15 : 7401 kbps, err=2.8%, size=4455734933, sample sz=44916216
  • Sample enc. Q=16 : 7146 kbps, err=-0.8%, size=4301963811, sample sz=43366120

  • Determined Q : 15 = Round(16 + (-0.8 - 1.2)/3.5)

  • 2004-10-21 15:26:21
  • Start movie OPV encoding (Q 15)
  • OPV pass result: 0% on target, 0 kbps (0 / 4334459459) Speed: 397.19

  • 2004-10-21 15:26:49
  • Start VBR sizing pass (7200 kbps)

**********stopped here

A green screen indicates you have a wrong codec, thats common. Uninstall what you have ans install latest from the addys I quote in the Tutorial.

The Checksum error is CCE related, its needd the CRC Patch to fix that problem. Do a search for it here or in Question 27 in the Q&A Thread in the DVD2SVCD forum at Doom9.net

sorry to waste your time chickenman.

I installed divx codec and the process is going smoothley.

I made the mistake of thinking the XVID codec was adequate for decoding divx as well for conversion purposes.

koepi(xvid) seems to do fine on divx for playback, as during the install it asks if I want it to handle divx avi’s .

I reinstalled koepi without divx support, don’t know if it makes a difference, or if the system finds the most compatible codec to use, I guess it does.

windows file properties still says it comes up as an XVID codec, FYI.

Thanks again.

Glad to hear its all working for ya.