Avi2DVD Question



Hi all,

I am using Avi2DVD in order to convert an .avi file to DVD and i would like to ask which is the best encoder to use. As you know there are 3-4 different encoders to use in the program.

I dont mind how much time it will take as long as the quality is very good.
I know that one of the encoders is the CCE which you can not use except if you buy it.

If i have a dvd movie and i just want to add an external subtitle to it which is the best encoder to use ? I just want to leave the quality as it is since its dvd quality.



Output quality depends on input quality, but you will never achieve “DVD quality”, there will always be visible loss in quality (loss process)

CCE is probably the best encoder (very fast), but it’s not free, I would go with HC encoder - free and the result is comparable to CCE

External subtitles can be add by Avi2DVD itself, if I’m not mistaken