AVI2DVD Problems

hi all just asking if anyone can help i encode fine it’s just the sound i am haveing prob’s with, i am useing DVD2SVCD Software bundle witch is wicked but i can not get my DVD player to work DOLBY DIGITAL it only come’s up digital and my amp dose the same my dvd’s that i buy from the shop work’s ok but not the one’s that i make and i can’t hear it on my TV only though my amp only wot am i doing wrong this is the software that i use to do the sound.

many thanx.

Is the sound stream already in AC3 (avi) or do you convert it to AC3?

Simply dont use BeSweet to do the conversions to AC3, just to many problems there. Check out ffMPEG for your AC3 conversions at http://www.dvdrhelp.com/tools?tool=434

Hi ChickenMan,

I am usinf AVI2DVD program and I believe it uses “BeSweet” … it works OK … when I play the AC3 as standalone it sounds good and there is NO LEVEL LOSS … however … when I play back the DVD Clip the SOUNDS is way way LOW.

Can you shed any light on this?


DVD2SVCD (or AVI2DVD) does NOT convert audio to AC3 unless you use some external plugin/program.

The difference in sound volume between your standalone player and PC player can simply be due to them being differnt players. Check Windows/your software setup and your standalone setup.

Hi ChickenMan,

I am actually doing my comaprison on my Computer Desktop for both times … when I play my “Original” Music Video file (with *.m2v ending … btu it can’t be a typical m2v file since I even moved it out of the original folder and it still has “BOTH” video AND AUDIO) … using PowerDVD and it sounds A-OK. But when I for testing I choose a portion of this file using VirtualDubMod and save it as .AVI … so I can then use AVI2DVD program to make it a dvd compliant clip … so I can add all these clips on a DVD for a playback on my stand-alone player. I loose volume when using VirDubMod … bothe 1.5 and 1.6 versions.

Also, I have another question AVI2DVD is an Automated operation … how do I get around NOT Using “BeSweet” as per your suggestion … I have downloaded ffMPEGGUI and ffMPEG zipped floder … what do I do now?

By the way, may be I am going about what I want to do all wrong … What is the easiest and BEST way to convert my .m2v and .mpg Music Video files so I can use DVDShrink to add splice them together and may be even use a FREEWARE Menu Builder to have Song Selection choices … But Menu is not absolutley necesssary for me since I can just Chapter thru with my REMOTE.

Thanks for your help,