Avi2dvd problems

Hello . I am a bit of a newbie but know my way around a cpu alright. I’m trying to convert an avi to dvd using the tutorial by chickenman using dvd2svcd about 10 times and it hangs up. I set it up I’m sure the way it is explained with all the right boxes etc tick or unticked. When the program starts going everything seems fine. The audio gets converted first ok. Then it starts CCE and the GUI comes up. In the dialougebox it looks like it is looking for an “ecl” file then changes to the Avisynth destination that has the “avs” file and blam an error report screen pops up and says there was an error but I don’t know what kind of error(I am using Windows XP home) and then the whole program stops responding. I check My output file (from dvd2svcd gui) and there are the first few files including the" avs" but I don’t any" ecl" I do have to mention though that I have “Ace Mega Codec Pack” installed. Could this be causing the problem. I have also downloaded the codecs mentioned in the tutorial and am using CCE 2.5 . In the read me file of the dvd2svcd it mentions something about making a bin/cue file. Do I have to do that also? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou:confused:

First thing I would do is uninstall any Codec pack you have. They clag up systems better than super glue !

Hoever, there may be a problem with the AVI also (even though it may appear to play okay), check it with DivFix or DivXRepair.

Can you also report here the Video & AUdio properties of the AVI using GSPOT.

You could try to use TMPGEnc Plus (Wizard) to encode to see if the same issue ocurrs. You also need TMPGEnc DVD Author to author your encoded file.

Thankyou will give all a try asap.:confused:

According to Gspot:
Codec name-Xvid
Audio codec-0x555(mp3) ID,d as Mpeg-1 Layer3
Video framerate-23.97
Audio bitrate -139kb/s(69/ch,stereo) vbr lame3
Audio freq. - 48000hz
Source- 576x320 (1.80:1)[=9:5]
Duration- 01:40:24(144,432fr)

This is the avi info that I have. Thanks again for any assistance.


The AVI file is a standard Xvid with MP3 audio. Have you installed the Xvid codec as outlined in the Tute. If not, pleace do so. Is your PC overclocked ? Is your memory running in Dual Mode or Single Mode.

All these (and many more) can stop CCE from encoding. The AVI also needs to 100% error free as well.

Hello. I installed the Xvid codec as per tutorial. I also downloaded xvid codec from another site because I thought the original was bad or something. I also uninstalled any codec packs I had. I have a Sony Vaio 2Ghz with 256 DDR ram. using Windows xp home. I also ran the avi thru “Divfix” and found about 10 errors and repaired them . This is the first time using divfix and I’m sure it worked . Then I imported the fixed avi into the program and set it up as per tutorial. I’m sure I didn’t skip anything. Again it starts by encoding the audio aand completes. Then CCE is executed and the GUI comes up. In the dialogue box it looks like it’s looking for an “ecl” file then quickly changes to looking for an “avs” file in the Avisynth folder then crashes and XP creates an error report to send or not send. As I stated before I have gone thru this about 6 or 8 times to make sure nothing was left out. Still scratching my head. Thanks again for any info:confused:

If DivFix found 10 problems, them I’m sure there are many more. Its not perfect by any means. Try DivXRepair also.

Or just load the AVI into VirtualDUB, set Audio and Video to Full Processing Mode, set Video compression to Xvid and a bit higher bitrate than the original, then Save AVI. Can take an hour or so but “fixes” many brocken AVI’s.

You want to use a lossless type of compression rather than a lossy such as HuffYUV or VBLE (VBLE should be better for XviD).
Another option is to let VirtualDubMod scan your file, mask and then delete your broken frames. This will introduce jerky playback in those parts where frames were damaged and possibly desync audio. You might wanna give it a shot though, it may work great.

Thanks again all. Will give your ideas a go asap. I am away on a little holiday but will go at it again when I get back. Cheers:confused:

I temporarily gave up on the CCE encode so I tried encoding using tmpg and kept getting" not supported"
error message. Then I tried encoding other xvid avi’s and same problem in tmpg. There must be a problem with the avi or the codec. These movies will not play on Win Media Player or Real Player but play on Divx player and Videolan . Does the “Four CC” in the xvid codec mean anything.Still have to try the virtualdub thing and see if that helps but I’m beginning to have my doubts. Thanks again. Will get back at it asap:confused:

Hmm… odd… you could try installing XviD again but it shouldn’t matter.

I’ve had to change the FourCC header from XVID to DIVX sometimes to get the avi to play or encode. Always worth a try.

Silly question but how do you change the file header.Is that what the Nic’s Mini AviC FourCC changer in Xvid used for? I’m not sure how to use that little proggie. Thanks again:confused:

Originally posted by crazypete44
Silly question but how do you change the file header.Is that what the Nic’s Mini AviC FourCC changer in Xvid used for? I’m not sure how to use that little proggie. Thanks again:confused:

Thats exactly what its used for :slight_smile: How to use it, gee, just run and if it takes any more than 5 seconds to work out how to use, ask here again. :cool:

Finally got DVD2SVCD to work on an xvid avi and it went as smooth as anything . Did a re-install of everthing including codecs.Still can’t play on Win Med Player or Real Player until its encoded. The audio is out of sync in the encoded version and the CCE logo is in the bottom right of the screen. Will have to search to see if I can get rid of or minimize the logo and sync the sound. Does anyone have a link to that info to save me a bit of time. Thankyou all again for your patience in helping this newbie out.:bigsmile:

Added note. The audio is fine when played in avi mode.When I playback the MPG it plays fine untill about 1hr24m into a 2hr11m movie. Then it starts to slowly lag. By the end of the flick it is lagging about 1sec or so behind the movement of the lips as an example.I skimmed over the tute on audio/video sync problems but will it work in this situation since I don’t really notice a problem till 3/4 's the way thru. Thanks again:confused:

You sure had a lot of trouble converting this video file, anyhow here are some pointers.
To get rid of the CCE logo you have to use another encoder such as TMPGEnc Plus (main reason which I recommend it instead of CCE unless you’re going to buy TMPGEnc Plus). Follow the wizard and convert the audio manually since its VBR. The lag might also be a cause of a couple of broken frames in your avi file.

Yes I have had a lot of trouble but on the up side of all this I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge on how all these programs /codecs/editing tools etc actually work. I am by far no expert but at least have a better idea of what is going on . Thanks again to all for your help and patience. I will let you know when I have a good finshed product. :wink:

The finished product is excellent. Well worth the wait. I ran the original avi thru divfix and found a couple of bad frames. Ran the repaired avi thru DVD@SVCD and voila. A real nice end result. Thankyou all for your help and patience.:smiley: