AVI2DVD-Ntsc to Pal Greyed Out

I’ve just set AVI2DVD+CCE etc. back up and for some reason the NTSC to PAL option is greyed out, even though I’m feeding it 23.976 AVI’s.

I feel like I’m being a complete gonk here and I’m missing something obvious.

Any ideas?

And then I look a little further into the forum and there’s another post with the same thing. DUH!

Sorry for double posting. I’ve tried what was suggested by CM though and all looked in order.

Does the NTSC avi have a 29.97 or 23.976 fps frame rate ? If the former, I dont think DVD2SVCD will allow the conversion as 29.976 to to far away from 25 (PAL) to a get a jerk free conversion.

It’s definitely 23.976. I’ve checked them with GSpot. I never used to have any problems like this before. I’ve encoded loads and loads of divx and xvid files with no probs with that selector.

I wonder if it’s something to do with the version I’m using? 1.2.2 build 3…

No probs with that version. Check in Audio that you dont have “Do Not Convert Audio…” box ticked. It must be unticked as it need to convert the audio length, as going from 23.976 to 25 shorten the movie length slightly.

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Yayhooo! That’s the ticket! Thanks loads CM!