Avi2DVD hangs - err msg not clear

I am using Avi2DVD 0.4.3 beta. After the encoding, the process hangs and I don’t understand the error message. Here’s the log :

[17:21:22] AVI2DVD Started !
[17:21:28] Type mode : Avi Input
[17:21:28] Output : Dvd
[17:21:28] Encoder Selected : HCEnc
[17:21:28] Start demuxing the AudioStream No.1 …
[17:21:52] Demuxing of the selected audio finished successfully ! [N:\Avi2dvd_temp\Extracted_Audio.mp3 75971316 Bytes]
[17:21:52] Audio extracted renamed successfully ! [N:\Avi2dvd_temp\Fixed_Audio01.mp3 75971316 Bytes]
[17:21:52] Starts Mp3->Ac3 convertion …
[17:32:48] Audio converted in Ac3 successfully ! [N:\Avi2dvd_temp\AudioStream 1 MP3 2CH.ac3 248176128 Bytes]
[17:32:48] Start creating avisynth script …
[17:32:48] Avisynth script created successfully ! [N:\Avi2dvd_temp\Avisynth_Script_File.avs 146 Bytes]
[17:32:48] Bitrate used : 6540 Kbpps
[17:32:48] Start video encoding …
[17:32:59] Video encoded successfully ! [N:\Avi2dvd_temp\Encoded_Video.m2v -1 Bytes]
[17:32:59] Job NOT Done. There are warnings … Find at the log file the 0 byte generated file to focus where exactly the problem appears
[17:32:59] All Jobs Done !!!

Gspot shows that all codecs required for this file are available.

Did anybody run into anything similar?

The log file (if there is one) might shed some light on the matter, other than that grab VirtualDub, load the AVI and choose Video > Scan video streeam for errors.

You might do better posting this on the AVI2DVD official forum, this is the home page

There is no other log than what is shown in my description.

As suggested, I will follow this up on product home page.

Thx for tips provided.