Avi2dvd created files, but no image. Can I still create a dvd?



Hello all,

Hopefully somebody is able to help me. I have a DivX avi file (700MB, 1:45min) I tried to convert to a dvd movie (DVD5). I used AVI2DVD for this job (selected the FreeEnc Codec) and at the end it should create an ISO file. Unfortunately it gave me an error: Fix VTS Sectors failed! Reason: Could not find Video_TS.IFO file. Creating an ISO file was cancelled.

However a bunch of files have been created (16Gig in total) and I was wondering if I could create a DVD out of these files afterall?

Largest files:
-TFM_enc_video1.m2v =>4.2GB
-TFM_Muxed_Video1.mpg => 4.4GB
-TFM_Subbed_Video1.mpg => 4.5GB
-TFM_Encoded1_Audio1.ac3 => 162MB
In a seperate map DVD\VIDEO_TS:
-VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB, VTS_01_4.VOB (no other files are existing, even not the Video_TS.IFO)

DVD\AUDIO_TS is empty.

I spent two days creating a dvd with no result and I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to this. I have no ideas what all these and other files are and what I need of those. Can somebody help?



You had problems, because you don’t have an avi file, you have a divx file. Instead of AVI2DVD, you should be using DIVX2DVD.

Video is very complex, and if you plan on working with it, you need to invest the time learning the terms, reading about what video is, and it’s formats, and learning about the various tools for working with it.


Is your .m2v complete? is your ac3 audio complete? If they are then try muxing them with DVDAuthor Gui, or muxman,to create a DVD compliant file…
Or use something like FAVC or DVDFlick… on your avi…
BTW. that’s some sound advise by harley…read,read,and then read some more!..good luck and have fun reading…:slight_smile:


Ok, thanks so far. BTW the movie is an avi (v2.0) so all the work has not beend one for nothing.

I’ll check if the m2v is complete, but it is a large file and I’m not sure if I can play it in a player without freezing the system.


What SW player are you using now? Open with VLC or MPC…
According to your 1st post the .m2v file is 4.2gb and the audio is only 162 mb…Have you had probs with PC freezing while playing video?..


I have played the file with VLC without any problems. Sounds seems to be fine in the first muxed mpg file, so that is good (this one also played fine in Media Player, I only need to restart it after I played each file). The subbed version can’t be opened, is corrupted somehow. The vobfiles are not complete of course, but with the ones that are ready subs are out of sync, hopefully this problem occured during creating the subbed mpg file. I know how to fix that, but not sure if it is worth the effort.

I think the audio file is so small because it is no dolby 5.1 or anything like that.


DVD Author GUI did the trick for me, thanks a bunch! I like it! :bow: But subs are still out of sync, I think I need to start all over again. :Z


I used DVDFlick from scratch this time, created new dvd files and it worked flawlessly, including the subs! Thanks T0nee1!


Glad it worked for ya…:smiley: