Avi2dvd a nice "smurf" feel

I’ve Followed the tutorial by chickenman “How to convert your divx to dvdr”, and everything went pretty smoothly until i veiwed the resulting Mpeg file that Dvd2Svcd creates. (in the tutorial its called “bbMPEG_video_01.mpg”, but i got “bbMPEG_Muxed_File00”.) The audio is in sync fine and video is fine save for a dark blue tint to everything. People in the movie look completely blue.

             I was wondering if anyone could tell me what im doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.

what encoder did you use?

CCE 2.5

I fixed the problem. Im pretty sure it was a bad codec…But i didnt feel like hunting to find out which one… so i reformatted…works fine now

yeah must have been a bad codec or a conflict between a few