AVI2DVD - 6CH sound problem

Used this software without any problems, converting some tv-rips from stateside, using default settings, and ticking ‘NTSC to PAL’. Playback has been smooth and sound fine. That was with AVi’s which when loaded into the program, displayed ‘AC3 5CH’ in the audio stream window. It is a different story however, with some other AVI’s, which display ‘AC3 6CH’, when loaded. After conversion, the sound playback is horribly distorted.

The sound is fine when played back from the original AVi, but is distorted after conversion, from playback through the pc, or my domestic dvd player.

I have used another program called WINAVI, which doesent exhibit this problem, but i;d prefer to stick with AVI2DVD, since it does a much better job otherwise.

Is there a solution to this?



Yes, buy originals. Your avis are not originals.

Yes, buy originals. Your avis are not originals

They are rips from a tv series, recorded off tv, not DVD rips - i buy DVD’s, and will be buying this particular series when it comes out as well (already bought season one). I just wanted to see it sooner than when channel 4 here in the U.K (free channel btw), will be showing it in the spring.

thanks for the useful reply :rolleyes:

Personally I never bother doing a NTSC to PAL conversion as my DVD player will handle that, as will most these days.

Check some guides here: http://www.videohelp.com/guides

Check some guides here:

thanks, i’ll take a look