Hello pepople Im new here and i don’t know if this is a good question but I have a little problem (and i’m not to good at english to)

I’have downloaded a nice movie only it is upsidedown is there anny kind of program that could make it sraight up?

i hope so.

greetz j-p

That is probably a codec error. I do believe that with the nimo and/or kazaa codec pack , there are some codecs that should not be installed , because it gives upside down images.

Better is to uninstall every codec package you have and install one of the above in the “normal” setup again.

The reason for the upside down movie is because it was not encoded using recommended resolution (following x32W-modul and x16H-modul guidelines). It could also be the codec error like Mr.B said, but I never installed any nimo or whatever codec packs out there apart from the ones recommended in doom9, so I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, you can try Sasami2K player and press Ctrl+F11 to flip the movie. That should fix your ‘viewing’ problem, but will not fix the movie itself.

I once had the same problem and figured out it was because of installing too many codecs which did the same thing. There’s a nasty DivXPack which installas ALL nasty codecs. Just install everything and install the codecs you require. Use GSpot to check which codec you actually need.

See this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=64915&highlight=gspot

well, I had the same problem,

I just couldn’t find out why it occured or how to fix it by installing or uninstalling codecs.

so I figured out some other solution: I would redesign it with “windows movie maker” as upsidedown again (this time true way).

guess what???

when I imported it to the wmm, I saw that it was just fine? stupid or what?

then I only saved it as .wma, and that is it.

(yes it became .wma, but nothing else to do. as nero simply solves the problem as burning to cd [as vcd or dvd], no format matters to me)