Hi all,

I am trying to find out why one of my ripped Avi will not play from my media player to the tv it plays fro the media player on to the computer.

It comes up saying that the format is not supported.

This is the first one I have put into my library that does this.

Any ideas would be good.


Check the file with Gspot: perhaps it has been encoded with GMC and Qpel (features of XviD that are not compatible with most standalone hardware players).



It is coded with h264 how can I recode?




It is coded with h264 how can I recode?


How did you create it?


With dvdfab Platignum.



If you’re streaming video to TV ,try with TVersity…Or are you just using tv as 2nd monitor?.. I stream h.264 video to my xbox,with FAB converted files,however I prefer MeGUI…JM2cents is all…



I am using the Tv as the monitor the avi has to play through the media player to the tv.



You can try ‘Super’. It seems to convert anything to anything :wink: