I got 14 seperate avi files i want to burn to dvd but i need them in order. how do i do that with divx to dvd?


look for a program like dvdsanta or winavi.

They are both very easy to use.

I just downloaded winAVI, converted .avi to DVD format. Only problem is, it takes a 300 MB AVI file and turns it into a 2 gig DVD folder (Video_ts, audio_ts, the usual). Is there a way to get better compression, yet still keep the same quality?

Just run the 2gig folder through dvdshrink and shrink it to the size you want.
You will lose some quality but you can bearly see it on a tv.

there are also programs that can join avi’s together if they have same framespeed/resolution.

Batch encode using TMPGEnc Plus? :slight_smile: