AVI (Xvid) Plays on PC but Not on DVD/DivX Player



I have an Avi File (XVid 1.03 and MP3) which plays on my PC but won’t play on my Samsung DVD/DivX Player. It just sticks at the Loading Stage. I burnt it as a Data Disc on to a DVD+R. I have tried three different discs but they all behave in the same way. :confused:

Help would be appreciated.


The creator of that “avi file” probably has not made a standard xvid then.

Use the source file and make a new avi.


Yeah,need more details. What proggy was used to create avi?,was it dl’d? SW used to burn it?,media used?..


It could also just be a compatibility problem. I cannot remember the site but there is a divx test disk and as of a couple of years ago (when I researched and bought my divx players), the best on the market could only play about 60% of the standards (none of the US models were that good). They have gotten a lot better on what they can play (some models have anyway), and one of mine will even play many file types that it doesn’t even claim it can (I learned that is because they just buy avalable chipsets, and the chipset determines what it will play to a point). Corupt or improperly created files are defanatlly a possibility, so go ahead and try fixing it (if you downloaded it, messed up files can be common becasue the creator didn’t really know what he was doing), but compatibility can be an issue too.

As others have said, more info is needed to help (about your player, the vid file, disks used, burner to create them). You can go here
to look up your player and see how well it does.
use dvd identifier to find out what your disks are (not the brand and speed, the true manufacture, we can help you identify them if nessasary). After you post we can all give beter advice.


It was a Torrent Download from a highly rated source which I have used many times before without any problem.

Source: NTSC DVD
Video: Xvid 1.03
Audio: MP3 48000 Hz
Containner: Avi 1.0 JOINED
Burn Software: Roxio Eady Media Creator 9 (Data DVD)
Disk: Emtec DVD+R from CMC Magnetics Corp.
DVD/DivX Player: Samsung DVD-HD 870
It Plays:
MP3 long filename

                                                                                                                                               Comments:                                                                                          It doesn't play VCD and SVCD!


Download MPEG Modifier from here and run the file through that. There are some quirks such as packed bitstream that some players can’t handle, but can be removed.

Otherwise you are at the mercy of whoever encoded that file to start with. Probably you’ll need to re-encode it if MPEG Modifier doesn’t work. If you could paste a screen shot then perhaps we could help interpret some of the XviD characteristics.


Attached is the screen shot.


Well there doesn’t seem much wrong with the XviD parameters; and no reason why it shouldn’t play.

However we can now see that it’s a downloaded commercial movie, so we can’t help any further, I’m afraid.