Avi with subs created but no sound

hello again,

a few days ago i was adviced by signals how to create an avi-file with subs with DVDFabdecrypter.The purpose was to watch it on a notebook that doesn´t allow to install other software and to play with windows media player.I tested on my computer and everything was fine but on the notebook we have picture and subs but no sound.There is some message about that there is needed a codec or so.Problem is it is not allowed to install software on this notebook as there are no admins rights.I have spent hours for nothing which is frustrating.Has anybody an idea or advice or workaround for this problem?


Hi again kostas. Sorry this did not work well for you, but glad the subtitles are OK now. Can you ask your IT group to install ffdshow for you? If not, try a different profile from the drop down list at the top of the configure page. (Try the one that provides MP3 audio: generic.xvid.avi.mp3 ). I think WMP will play this profile without any additional codecs. Tell the IT people you need ffdshow codec to view training courses or business presentations or something.:wink:

well it`s worth another try.Maybe IT will understand,too we´ll see.
thanks anyway signals!

Please let me know how it works out.

hello again signals, i´ve decided not to create an avi with the other way (.mp3) as it takes to much time at the moment.I´ll try to convince IT to let install ffdshow.

thanks anyway

a short update-

i´ve found a workaround.I installed mobile vlc-player on a portable usb-stick and now using this program connected to the notebook makes everything working even with subtitles- :smiley: