AVI will play but not encode



Hi all.

I have an avi that plays perfectly in all players I have (media player, m-player classic, Nero Showtime, VLC etc…) but crashes when I try to encode usind DVD2SVCD.
If I try the preview, it tells me there is an error :

avisource: could not decompress frame 0
(c:\program files\dvd2svcd emp\prieview.avs, line2)

It also gives an error if I try to play it in virtualdub:

unknown error (may be corrupt data) errorcode -100.

Tried hitting it with gspot, and it tells me I have plenty of codecs installed (its XViD), but I guessed that already as it plays perfectly. I downloaded the latest XViD just to be sure , but still no go.

Any ideas on how to check if there are errors, and what to use to repair the VID.




Ah, never mind…solved.

Turned out I had 2 XViD codecs installed.

Once I removed on, it was good to go.