Avi vs. DvD



What are the pros and cons to converting .avi files to DvD files (VOB). Is it worth going through the extra effort?

I just bought a new DvD player and noticed it can read divx files. I burned 2 .avi DvD’s using Nero by simply burning the files as data and was able to play them.

I assume the advantages to converting to files to DvD are:

a) If you have an HD TV, you will have better images if you convert the files to VOB. ( I don’t)

b) If somebody you know has an older DvD player, they can watch the DvD.

The disadvantages would be:

a) It takes longer to convert the files into VOB (at least with Nero)

b) You can pack more files onto a DVD in .avi form (700 MB) per standard movie allows for 6 movies on 1 DvD.


Anytime you convert formats you will lose a bit of quality in the output. So if you can use the avi files without converting, that would be the best path.

The only real reason to convert to dvd-video is for universal playback on all dvd players. If someone wants to borrow a film for example, and they don’t have a player capable of using divx or xvid avi’s, it is good to have a copy in dvd-video format.


Kerry56 summed it up well.

but ill just add a few things… myself i usually go from DVD to .avi (XviD) so you can fit alot more films (i.e. 3 to 6 films to be exact based on standards of 700MB or 1400MB per film depending on film length etc) onto a single dvd+r/-r recordable disc.

p.s. i play them on XBox1 running XBMC (XBox Media Center) which a recent ‘stable’ version was just released to… but by default the xbox1 console dont play XviD… so you have to modify it a little bit but it’s 100percent FREE if you have the XBox and a PC (with cd-dvd burner) and a blank CD-R (or CD-RW which is what i use).