I know it may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but please read…

I have various stuff on my computer which are AVI files. Would converting it to DVD make the quality any better or is it down to the content itself. For arguments sake say I had a perfect film on AVI would converting it to DVD be better quality or is it simply going to be the same?

Before anyone gets on their high horse:cop:, I’m not ripping or talking about piracy.

Put it this way, it’s not going to be any better than the original source.

So I won’t gain anything by converting avi - dvd?

So I won’t gain anything by converting avi - dvd?

You will be able to play it on a DVD player that supports the media you burn it to (e.g. +R).

Yes, the only clear advantage to converting avi to dvd video is compatibility in all dvd players.

Some dvd players that are out now will play [B]some[/B] types of avi files with no problems, especially divx. But that comes down to the capabilities of your player.

As far as quality is concerned, the output will not be better than the input. With a good encoder, and the proper settings, you can keep the quality very near the input levels.

Of course, if your avi file has problems of some sort, it is possible to use filters to remove many such errors, and the result may be better esthetically. In those cases, the output may look better, but that is not the usual scenario in converting avi files.

Many thanks all. My dvd players all support avi files so I guess if I want to keep space on my drives then avi it is.

You could put 3 to 4 avi’s on one DVD to free up HDD space.