AVI video files look like they are cropped in VLC and WMP

I hope someone has come across this.
Recently I have noticed that when I play an avi video file, no matter what the codec is in WMP or VLC the video plays, but it looks like it is cropped and zoomed in. What I mean is if I have a widescreen video and play it in WMP, it would normally take up move to the player screen, but instead, it only shows a small part of the video, like the rest of the video is masked out. This happens in WMP11 and VLC. And this only happens with AVI and MPG video, not MOV files, have had no problem viewing them in Quick Time.
I did some testing and noticed that it is only AVI files that have been rendered with some codec’s, xvid, divx and DV avi files, but if I render out an uncompressed, no codec the file will play with out any problems. But If I render an AVI file (out of Sony Vegas Video) with some codec. I have had the problem.
Just to set the record start, this did not always happen. I did something lately that started this, because I had no problems rendering anything out of Vegas before.
So I was wandering if anyone has seen anything like this before.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Have you tried restoring your computer back to before the problem started?

I would do that, but I don’t know when it started. I hadn’t used the players that much to notice it until just yesterday when I was looking at a Dexter episode and noticed the problem. I then remembered an mpg file that displayd the same way in WMP and VLC, but at the time, I thought it was the file itself, because it was a home movier rendered by my brother and I thought he didn’t know what he was doing. That was weeks ago. So I really don’t know when it started. Most of the video that I render out of Vegas has been h246 mp4 or uncompressed avi files, So I hadn’t seen the problem until just yesterday.

It’s hard to say. It’s not good to have too many codec’s on ones pc… They can conflict, or override each other… One thing to try would be to reinstall WMP, VLC, PowerDVD, or other software, and see if you can play the movie then.

when I get home I’m going to do some more testing and see if it also effect rendering (encoding) or if it is just decoding problem. And see what codec are effected. Hopefully will find something. I was just wandering if someone has seen this before.
Harley2ride, thanks for the responce. I’ll also see about back tracking and see if reninstalling something will help also.
Thanks again.

I did some more testing and could not find any reason why the video was playing like this. The same video looks fine on a different PC. I can render a dv video and it looks cropped on this PC, but fine on a nother PC. I did some more web searchs and to make this sorter, I followed a suggesten to update the video drivers. I did and it fixed the problem. All is fine now.

FWIW you can change the aspect ratio and cropping in VLC.

It is not that kind of cropping that was happening.
Let’s say you have a video that is 16x9 and you want to watch it, but all you can see is a cut out that is 4x3 in the middle of the 16x9 and it is zoomed in by 1 or 2. All you can see is the middle of the 16x9 video and the rest is black. Very weird, had not had this happen before. I thought I had loaded something to make this happen. But thankfully, all I had to do was install updated video drivers.