AVI under 700 MB, any benefit to using DVDs

I am extremely new to DVD burning (CD burning for that matter as well). I recently got a new computer with a LG Burner (4082B). Of course, I am interested in using the burner to its full potential, and consequently, I am at this forum. I have read all the tutorials and am left with the following questions.

My question, is there any benefit to converting DivX, or other formated, AVIs to DVDs when the file is under 700 MB. In other words, if the file, once converted, will fit on a CD, is there any reason to waste the money and burn the movie to a DVD?


really only if you wanted to watch it on a standalone dvd player
to me it is more trouble than it is worth, pretty time consuming
you could put 5 or 6 movies in .avi format on a dvd to save space, but you would still have to watch them on your computer
if you had alot of avi’s to watch, you could watch them on your tv through your computer and not have to convert them

You can make MPEGII files out of your avis and fit more than a couple or even 3 movies onto one DVD, which you will be able to watch on your standalone device. That, for me is worth it.

For doing so you will need specific software, ie the combination of TMPGEnc and DVD-Lab. More info you will find in the corresponding forum here on CDFreaks