AVI to VOB without reencoding


I’ve had a look at the guide “How to convert DivX/AVI to DVDR” (fairly involved with lots of settings) and was wondering if there’re other methods/tools out there which could bypass the re-encoding stage - maybe it could simply demux the avi into video (m2v) and audio???

This would be the quickest way2go from AVI to VOB/DVD…Many thanks in advance.

Theres a number of quick and/or easy programs out there for AVI to DVD such as the cheap WinAVI, ProCoder Express (my favorite), or The Film Machine which takes you through many of the steps involved, but theres no way to bypass the re-encoding stage - they are two completely different formats!

Exactly, couldn’t be better explain by rendez2k. I recommend you to demux the avi into video and audio, and re-encode them with cce/tmpgenc and besweet for audio (ac3 machine).

Thanks for the replies so far. When you say “demux avi into video and audio”, what tool is best for that? That’s what I’m getting at, if you can demux into video (.m2v format) and audio, couldn’t you simply remux into VOB with dvd authoring software??? Otherwise, what format does it demux into if you had to re-encode? Thanks again.

You can’t demux into .m2v. Demux will just split the audio and video into separate streams, but video will still be an AVI and you can’t get away from this without re-encoding. I’d still recommend something like ProCoder Express as you don’t need to demux with this.

Hi SplinterMgs,

Avi means audio and Video INTERLACED. Which means literally 1 sec of audio followed by 1 sec of video(could be different timing interval). So what everyone’s saying when they demux it, is not demux it to M2V and the ac3/audio format, what they mean is deintelacing(seperating the audio and video streams) and re-encoding these two streams into the formats which you mentioned for DVD.

Hope this helps.