AVI to VIDEO_TS ? Feeling Frustrated

so i’ve tried oh-so-many ways . downloaded multiple programs , i.e. Roxio , Nero , AVS4YOU . I can convert to MPEG-2 but i need video_ts i guess.

Trying to burn movies i downloaded to DVD . they are in .avi format

Try DVDFlick.
I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that the movies you downloaded are legal downloads.
Depending on the video & audio format contained in the .avi DVDFlick can take a while to do the conversion. Usually about 2 hours or a little less .
But I recently had it take 12 hours on a .mkv file.

of course they’re legal . and this dvdflick will convert to video_ts ?

Yes, DVDFlick will convert to dvd-video format, which is vob, ifo and bup files within a Video_TS folder.

Another good, free program is called AVStoDVD. I prefer it to DVDFlick since I like the HCencoder that is included, but it may be slightly less user friendly than Flick.

AVStoDVD information and download links: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/AVStoDVD

k one more thing . i dont have internet at home . so i have to download somewhere else and install on my home computer . alot of programs need internet to finish installation . do the aforementioned do that ?

I agree with Kerry56 AVStoDVD is a good program too.
Either should work.

You can download the installers and put it on another computer without internet connection, so that isn’t a problem.

You might want to grab ImgBurn and install it separately. Both of the programs we mentioned can use it to burn to a disk if you want. ImgBurn is free to download and use: www.imgburn.com

I checked the AVStoDVD link.
The authors site link at videohelp has a noinstall package. It should work without installing.
I do believe both will install without internet if you use the installer.